How does Wi-Fi calling work? We’re here to help!

Among all sectors that have received the blessings of technology in abundance and continue to flourish further, communication stands at the forefront. Ever wondered how the simple idea of calling someone has also gone through an evolution through the past years? Gone are the days when you were solely dependent on your phone’s network for making calls. Running out of talk time balance? Cellular network is weak? All you need is a strong Wi-Fi connection, and you can make a call using your existing phone number. Wi-Fi calling isn’t as widely popular as regular phone calls yet but given how we’re adapting to technical advancements rapidly in all spheres of life, one won’t be surprised if it’s another ‘new normal’ in the coming days. So, how does Wi-Fi calling work? The brightest side of mak

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How And When to Rebalance Your Mutual Fund Portfolio?

Creating a perfectly balanced portfolio is key to success in mutual fund investment. But this is not an easy job. You need to thoroughly understand your investment goals and risk appetite and then find mutual fund portfolios that you can invest in. But your job doesn’t end there. Of course, mutual funds are made for convenient investment, and you don’t need to keep an eye on the portfolio regularly. But you will need to revisit your portfolio once in a while as the stock markets and hence, the characters and potential of market-linked investments will keep changing. Let us learn more about rebalancing your mutual fund portfolio and learn how you can learn the same.  Why is a balanced portfolio important? Different investors could have different risk appetites. Investor A might be alrigh

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