Digital Transformation in Insurance: Areas to Consider when Digitizing the Claims Function

As attackers continue to hunt for customers, insurance companies should integrate digital technologies into their operations. Digitizing the claims function in the insurance industry holds great potential. Digital transformation in insurance is about becoming a customer-centric, digitally enabled organization that excels in efficiency, effectiveness, and customer experience. This post examines the major issues that insurance companies must consider in terms of claims transformation: Data and Analytics Insurance companies have been aware of data and analytics to the claims function. However, these days, they should consider how new data sources can help make their claims operations more accurate and efficient. For instance, location-based and social media platforms can provide them opport

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Ensuring Secure Access to Data in the Digital Workspace

Organisations across the globe are adopting digital transformation and seizing the opportunities that mobile cloud and digital workspace technologies offer. These technologies are designed to help them streamline business processes, minimise costs, and improve customer experience. Digital transformation provides great business, financial, and operational rewards; however, it also presents some challenges such as increased complexity and heightened security concerns. Read on to know how businesses are managing their digital transformation journey and coping with major challenges: Concerns Associated with Mobile Cloud Security Organisations that want to reap the benefits of mobility and digital workspace technologies should offer more devices and more points of access to mission-critical

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