Hauser Private Equity Solidifies Partnership with Igloo and Dometic

Hauser Private Equity recently worked with partner Acon Investment to finance the purchase of Igloo by the Sweden-based company known as Dometic. This deal was completed to strengthen Dometic’s position in the US and reduce the cyclical nature of its sales. Learn more about the numbers behind the deal and how the investment company worked to secure the partnership. $677 Million for the Leader of the Cooler Market In the US, Igloo is synonymous with coolers, making the company a coveted one for both quality and brand recognition. Domestic ultimately acquired the company with an agreement for $677 USD on a debt-free basis, using internal funds to complete the transaction. The Domestic-Igloo deal is meant to strengthen both sales platforms, merging the two for expected results of $150 milli

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Terms You Need To Know While Comparing Personal Loans

Whether you have a medical emergency, want to renovate your home, or just want to take your whole family on vacation – for all kinds of planned and unplanned expenses, personal loans are great enablers. With personal loan interest rates becoming increasingly competitive, it also makes perfect sense to opt for this form of collateral-free lending rather than over-extending your credit card. But how to know which personal loan provider is the best for you? And how to compare personal loans before actually applying for one? Here are some terms that you need to know about personal loans, and which will help you in your decision-making. Principal Amount The principal amount is the amount that you receive once your personal loan application is approved. Although different lenders can have d

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