The Top 4 Online Branding Mistakes That Might Be Hampering Your Progress

Your first digital marketing initiatives were a huge success, bumping up sales exponentially, and opening up a huge lead on your competitors. But the magic is all gone now. Even as customers keep coming in, your efforts no longer generate as much ROI, suggesting that you could use a fresh strategy. Let's look at some of the online branding mistakes you'll want to avoid this time around. Neglecting Your Online Presence You put lots of time and effort into creating a web presence, but what have you been doing since then? Your brand needs to grow -- or 'evolve with the times' to use a familiar cliche. Sure, you don't want your identity molded by every trend that comes by. But then again, it easy to stay static for so long that you end up looking tired, old-fashioned - and perhaps obsolete

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Digital is the only way to sell luxury in China in 2020

The spotlight shone on Chinese purchasers for quite a long time after they took the worldwide lead in luxury spending. Comprised of young, well informed, and rich logo sweethearts, the China advertise has become a perfect objective for established luxury brands. In any case, is luxury starting to lose its intrigue for Chinese customers? In an ever-evolving political and social atmosphere, advertisers are always attempting to foresee what's straightaway. This week, the London-based digital marketing organization Tong Digital facilitated another in their arrangement of breakfast briefings covering the eventual fate of China's luxury advertise. This meeting concentrated on key luxury slants and proposed ways brands could keep steady over their game in China for 2020 and past. Twenty to thir

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