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Loyola Maryland Puts on a Facebook Clinic After Winning the NCAA Lacrosse Title

Loyola Maryland expected to win the NCAA Lacrosse Title.  They were prepared, with a plan that was dialed and that delivered deep connection with their fans.

Never let success surprise you.  Instead, when it comes, seize it for all it’s worth.  Today, I wanted to dissect the Loyola (MD) Greyhounds’ NCAA Title messaging inside Facebook and what we can all take from this to apply to our own Facebook pages.

Facebook Timeline allows you to update a billboard-style image that says everything about yourself, your program, or your team in one quick visual.  Everything starts here, and it comes through loud and clear as the lead image on Loyola’s Athletics Facebook page, shown below (and here).

Timeline Image for Loyola's National Title Win


Let’s take a look at how Loyola told the story of their championship through the posts that followed their win.  Here’s Loyola’s first post, revealing a National Championship to their Facebook Audience:

The post as the title was won



















Naturally this wasn’t enough.

Now, let’s go deeper into the posting cadence and content that brought fans closer to this moment.

Step One:  Relive the moment.  The first thing Loyola did was make sure their fans had a chance to see and participate in the moments – giving them access to both photos and the final seconds of video action.  They didn’t take it for granted that everyone was watching the games live — instead they made it very easy for fans to check out the ending to the game on YouTube along with the best images from the game via a gallery.

Re-watch (or watch) the final seconds of the title game












Giving fans access to see more images




















Step Two:  Deliver Access.  Loyola delivered this by showing us photos reflecting the energy from campus.  This came to life both via the crowds that greeted the team and via the signs that decorated the bridges and buildings of campus.

Fans greet the team upon their return


















Digital banner at the entrance to campus



















Banner placed on a bridge near campus




















Step Three:  Make it Feel Bigger.  Loyola used their Facebook page as a hub to pull in (and broadcast out) media frenzy and surprising coverage that the Greyhounds earned after winning it all.  It’s amazing the power a newspaper headline posted into Facebook can have to build upon emotion inside an already-excited fan base.

Headlines in the Baltimore Sun



Campus buses hype the win



Huge learnings today from a team that seized the moment not just on the field but also on Facebook.  For all of us, it should start with a great post, and then look at applying the model Loyola laid out for us:  Relive it, Offer Access, Make it Bigger.

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