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Wisconsin Makes Me Wonder: Could Pinterest Become a Better Recruiting Weapon than Facebook?

I hear all the comments – that Pinterest is much more of a female audience or that there’s really no way another social network could overtake Facebook.  Maybe those are true.  I don’t yet have a personal Pinterest page so it’s even tougher for me to verify.  But as I was evaluating the digital presence of Wisconsin, I started to feel the opportunity Pinterest can offer a team if they embrace it in its simplest form.  Today’s post is one that I did not in any way anticipate I’d write…  but Wisconsin Basketball shows us that Pinterest may be on its way to becoming a recruiting weapon.

Let’s start by comparing two pages in their top level view:  The Wisconsin Basketball Facebook home and The Wisconsin Basketball Pinterest home.  Check the images:

The Wisconsin Pinterest page highlights big moments on the Badgers run in the 2012 NCAA Tournament


The Badgers Facebook page does a nice job of leveraging Timeline formatting


Wisconsin is a great contrast because they do a nice job on both fronts – both Facebook and Pinterest have a strategy in place and they are updated in a visual manner.  But this view also starts to give you a difference in the two networks:  While Facebook is a chronological view of all your activity, Pinterest is what you choose to spotlight.  You’d have to scroll quite a ways down the page to get to the Wisconsin posts on their NCAA Tournament appearance this year.  Pinterest you simply open the page.   Because Wisconsin curates their Basketball Pinterest page with powerful stories and visuals around their tourney appearance, it makes a bold statement that Facebook’s structure isn’t set up to deliver.

I’ve also come to notice that Facebook Timeline makes more and more teams feel the same way.  You customize your headline image and you have your posts.  Pinterest, by contrast, is all over the board.  That can be a bad thing if you aren’t organized… but, as Wisconsin shows us, if you have a plan the result is quite a brand statement.

So while Pinterest today might be largely female (80% is the number I see here), it can still be positioned to define your brand in a visually powerful way.

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