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Pac-12 Best Practices: Cal, Oregon, and Stanford Show Off The Power of Inside Access

Access.  The crazy thing about it is that it is both the number one reason most fans (or recruits) likely follow a team and it is the one thing that teams control exclusively.  But it’s what you do with that access that separates the good from the great.  (or maybe the too much information from the just right amount of information!)  As I thumbed through the Pac-12 Conference’s social media accounts, it was the way that 3 programs shared access to their teams in the offseason that fired me up.

Let’s start with two similar posts, from Stanford (on Facebook, here) and Cal (on Twitter, here).  As you’ll note below they are very similar in goal and in execution.  Though I have to say I’m a much bigger fan of Cal’s strategy for 3 reasons:

1.  They tag the student athlete in the post (by sharing his Twitter handle).  Yeah maybe that gets him exposure but more importantly it just is the way we’d post about a friend and that energy comes across.

2.  The Cal picture shows a full team going at it.  (Stanford’s image feels more like work)  That said, you have to like the personal attention you see in the Stanford image.

3.  Intentional or not, the Cal picture gives us a larger look at the facilities.

Stanford Hoops Gives Real Time Access to the Offseason





















Cal Hoops Also Gives Access to the Offseason on Twitter




















Now contrast this with a tour of Oregon’s locker room, brought to you by QB Bryan Bennett, here (or below).  Please click in and check this out — I’ll sync with you after the video.


I love this for lots of reasons.  It is very personal — it does not feel like Bennett is reading a script.  He’s himself, and he’s funny albeit organically.  Naturally you get an amazing look at some ridiculously cool product and facilities.  And, perhaps most importantly, it’s done in a way that makes you imagine what it is like to put on the pads and play at UO.

These 3 examples show us that by delivering authentic access in a way that is real and personal can elevate the current teams in a way that makes future prospects want a part of that action.

Thanks for sticking with me.  I’ve got one more Pac-12 Digital Best Practice for you on Friday — so stick with me here or follow along on Facebook (here) or Twitter (here)