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NBA Best Practices Wrap Up: 5 Tips to Steal from the NBA’s Best

After a crazy 6 weeks, it’s come to this.  Peter Robert Casey and I have broken down every NBA Squad and shared the best of the best with you.  To wrap it up today, I’ve taken the Western Conference Digital Best Practices and molded it into 5 tips for you to apply to your team (or page).  All of the Teams are Hyperlinked, if you wanna go back and revisit a post in more depth.

As always, thank you for reading!

1.  Make Following You Easy.

If no one follows you, it doesn’t matter what you post.  And teams are realizing they need to make the process easy.  The Lone Star State is united around the concept of making it simple to connect and stay connected with the team.   The Mavs, Rockets, and  Spurs  all come at this concept from different angles.

The Mavs put us one click of our mouse away from following them via Twitter.

One Click and You Follow the Mavs


The Rockets put us one click away from adding all games into our own personal calendars.

Sync Calendars with Houston


The Spurs make their hashtag easy to participate in — putting the hashtag #GoSpursGo directly into their Twitter description.

I love calls to action inside descriptions!


2.  Hero Your Fans

Now that they are following you, you need to develop better fans.  You need to make fans feel special – not just so they remain close to you but so they advocate for you with their friends!  We see this in action with the GrizzliesSunsHornets, and Kings  

The Grizzlies created Facebook Fans of the Week – allowing the best fans to get lots of LOVE in the team’s Facebook feed.

This post appears in the Grizzlies News Feed


The Suns created a Facebook Night – an experiential event exclusively for their Facebook fans.

The two step process for Suns Facebook Night

The Hornets took their fans and literally made them their Twitter background.

See how the Hornets Elevate Their Fans!


Finally, the Kings  elevated their influential fans alongside their players through how they presented Klout scores.

Klout scores for Players and Fans are elevated


3.  Connect Your Team to Fans.  

With strong fans you want to bring them even closer to your team.  The Jazz, Clippers, and Trail Blazers put a focus on shared journeys that minimize the gap in these two groups.

 The Jazz recreated the idea of a Rookie-Sophomore Challenge by putting their players into situations normally reserved for fans, like Jenga (shown below).

Rookies vs Sophs in a Game of Jenga


The Clippers  transformed the idea of a post game recap by instead posting recaps of Live Chats, letting fan voices define how we remember games.


Recapping a Season through chats


Finally, the Trail Blazers took the success of a player and turned it into a chance to bring fans closer to him – just like we’d do if a friend or coworker had great news.

Stopped by the Power of Aldridge


4.  Provide Amazing Access

Access is addicting.  The Lakers and Nuggets let the curtain down a lot, letting fans see and read things that they have no other place to get them.

The Lakers  post amazing imagery into Facebook before or during games – letting fans feel like they are with the team even when they aren’t.

Lakers Pre Game Facebook Image


The Nuggets take the idea of in-game Twitter updates and make it about Access, Insight, and Information — reinventing what in game updates are about.

A one-two punch of information and insight


5. Make it Fun

We have to remember that despite the intensity, this is a game.  And we follow teams because we love them.  The WarriorsTimberwolves, and Thunder recognize this and build plans around emotion and love.

The Warriors  show fans how to have fun while rallying others to vote for their team in the All Star Game — using a fun hashtag.

Great Example of turning a Hashtag into a call to action


The Timberwolves also use a hashtag to bring fans closer to the team.  Their #ShowTWolvesLove campaign rewarded fans who got creative in displaying their affection.


Challenge to the Twolves Fan Base

The Thunder  pump the emotion of in-game audio into their Facebook audience, letting fans vote for the best TV and radio calls each week.

The Thunder's Best TV/Radio Calls


That’s it.  Again, much appreciate you sticking with us.  I will be back, here, on Wednesday as we return to celebrating the best in NCAA social media.  You can also follow me on Twitter, I’m @andypawlowski or on Facebook, here.



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