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NBA Best Practices: Denver Nuggets Go Beyond In-Game Updates in Twitter

It’s been nearly two seasons since Peter Robert Casey and I broke down the Digital NBA Landscape.  The landscape has changed and teams have evolved.  It’s time for us to take another crack at things.

Our mission:  To share Best Practices of how NBA Teams are leveraging digital and social, and give you thoughts on how to apply that in your world.

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Next Up: the Denver Nuggets

Twitter traffic is clearly blowing up.  During this month’s Super Bowl, the English-language Tweets per second record was broken…  and then broken again (yes, two records in one game), hitting a whopping 12,233 tweets/second.  But the crazy stat is this:  Super Bowl 2011 had 3 million tweets.  Super Bowl 2012 had 15 million tweets.  Crazy growth (read the full article here).

That growth reinforces the top way that most teams leverage their Twitter handles — to provide in game updates to their fans who aren’t able to be at the arena.  It makes sense as you want to fish where the fish are, and given that many people tweet during sports events it is almost essential that teams also have a presence.  But how do you differentiate?

The Denver Nuggets take a different approach to in-game tweeting that turns the model a bit.  Head over with me to the Nuggets Twitter page, here.

Denver Nuggets Twitter Page


What I want to highlight here is what happens in-game.  Take a look at their flow, shown in this image.  As you study it you’ll see the Nuggets deliver a one-two punch of insight and information.  They don’t simply deliver updates of score and time left, but always give you context and observation.

A one-two punch of information and insight


This is most striking in posts like these, when you get a third element – timely access.  You’ll note that, in the moment, the Nuggets bring the voice of Coach Karl to fans through Twitter.  By “in the moment”, I’m highlighting the fact that in pauses of the action, when anxious fans look down at their Twitter stream, the Nuggets give them access that no one else can deliver.  And they do it in a conversational, not a corporate or flashy way…

Coach Karl insights on Twitter


Which led me to this surprising conclusion.  By connecting with a combination of timely access, insight, and information, the Nuggets not only reach those fans who can’t be at the game — but they also reach fans who are at the game.  Is it just me or does this feel like a new generation hatching before our eyes?  In the old world it was fans listening to their walkmans during games.  Now it’ll be fans following great insight on Twitter.

Props to the Nuggets for showing us all that the idea of in-game updates is dead on…. we just need to think bigger in our execution and audience!

Head over to Peter Robert Casey‘s site tomorrow for another Eastern Conference squad.  Then I’ll be back, here, on Wednesday.  As always, follow along on Twitter – I’m @andypawlowski or on Facebook, here.