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Create Social Media Post(er)s

We all want to grow our social media followings.  But for this to truly happen, it will take a focused effort - using all the resources we can and adding a willingness to explore new things.  Are you … [Read more...]

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Go Deep On Your Best Story

Above all, social media should make your consumer feel something.  (And hopefully it makes them feel what you are aiming for!)  The best messages combine one idea and apply it across multiple … [Read more...]

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This is Not a Social Media Post

Do you ever wonder if the phrase "social media" takes us away from creativity too quickly?  What if we saw this opportunity we have to truly connect with our fans as not something we "should do" but rather as … [Read more...]

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Social Media Can Slow Things Down

The world is fleeting, and so is social media.  The "did you see that?" moments are soon replaced by others, making it important that we drive home those moments that lift up our brand. It's time to … [Read more...]

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Tie Your Conversation Into a Bigger One

Sometimes the best way to get big is to start off big.  To look at the greater conversation happening in the world and then apply it to your world in an authentic way. It's time to begin our unveiling of 10 … [Read more...]

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Perspective and Context Offers More than News

I find it's more important to know why you are sharing a story than the story itself.  That is because asking "why" makes you put the story into context that is relevant for your audience. It's time to … [Read more...]


10 Things I Like About the Missouri Valley Conference – 2014

Up today:  A wrap up of the 10 Best Digital and Social Media Ideas from the West Coast Conference.   If you're joining late, we began our journey with a look at the Pac-12, SEC, Big 10, Big 12, Big … [Read more...]

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Indiana State’s Twitter-Powered Schedule

How do you take the things you have to do and transform them into something you get to do?  Innovation can be seeing the same thing in a different way. It's time to conclude our journey 0f great ideas from … [Read more...]